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Investment promotion



Marketing Background of Intelligent Door Lock

The penetration rate of domestic intelligent lock is far below the global level, and the demand in the future will have great advantages.


Intelligence New Entry, New Breakthrough in Wealth Market

Tianyi Intelligent enjoys the strong practical experience and scale of the intelligent door lock industry. Now we are looking for regional partners.


The immeasurable future market "money" prospect

China has a large population base, people's increasing demand for living conditions and enthusiasm for high-tech. In the next three to five years, the intelligent lock will break through the 100 billion mark.


Franchise support

A F F I L I A T E   S U P P O R T


Franchise conditions

J O I N  C O N D I T I O N S


A.|  Resource condition

1. Ability of business management/market operation/channel management/team building

2. Good financial strength and good credit

3. Have relevant industry experience and marketing ability, full of confidence in the industry.

4. Have a good social network resources and a strong sense of service.

B.|  Legal condition

1. Natural Persons/Enterprise Legal Persons in the People's Republic of China

C.|  Development conditions

1. Accept the management and supervision of the company and consciously maintain the brand image of Tianyi.

2. Strong entrepreneurship and brand ownership

3. Managers have excellent personality and strong enterprising spirit

4. Willing to abide by the company's franchisor management system and accept the company's systematic training.


Five advantages

— Technological superiority —

People-oriented, with perfect management technology, production, quality, sales and professional after-sales team.

— Development advantage —

Continuous investment, independent innovation, continuous development of new products on-line, strict quality control, full support to distributors, ensure after-sales service, three-pronged brand development.

— Technological superiority —

With a number of core technologies and patents pioneered by the industry, it is more intelligent, convenient and safe.

— Marketing advantage —

Professional brand operation team, new ideas, new models, to achieve online and offline marketing.

— competitive edge —

Quality products, medium price, ensure the competitiveness of products and profit margin of distributors.


Franchise process

J O I N I N G  P R O C E S S


Customer intention form

C U S T O M E R   I N T E N T I O N  F O R M


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