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Share key points that smart lock agents take note of

Share key points that smart lock agents take note of

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4. The appearance of fingerprint lock solves the malpractice of mechanical lock to a large extent. It enables people to get rid of the dependence on keys and improves the security. The so-called fingerprint lock, is the electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative identification technology (including computer network technology, built-in software card, network alarm, lock body mechanical design) and other comprehensive products. Foshan finger finger digital technology of professional production door fingerprint lock, can be said to be a typical representative of fingerprint lock, has been more and more recognized by the industry and ordinary people accept.

5. According to your financial strength to choose the appropriate size of the company, the size of the company to choose everything is to serve the ability. The larger the scale of intelligent lock agent, the stronger the service capability should be. Generally can be divided into distributors, agents, regional agents, general agents and so on. The higher up you go, the more capital you'll need, because you'll have to stock up and turn around. If you do not have successful agency experience and ability of other products, it is recommended to start from a small level.

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