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Smart lock gradually into peoples lives

Smart lock gradually into peoples lives

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It is an inevitable trend that intelligent lock replaces mechanical lock. We have reason to believe that intelligent lock will lead the lock industry in China to get a better development with its unique technical advantages, so that more people can use it in more occasions and make our future more secure.

A lock is one of the things that are closely related to People's Daily life. Intelligent lock manufacturer begins from primitive society, the development of lock has experienced long and complex evolution process, basically by ancient inserted reed lock stage, arrive contemporary mechanical lock stage and the intelligent lock era that entering. With the progress of society, science and technology, culture, the security of the mechanical lock has more and more cannot satisfy the needs of the people, and, to some extent, the strength of the security measures is related to the identity, status, electronic lock (including combination lock, card lock, intelligent lock, iris lock, etc.) as a new generation of identification technology advantage more and more obvious, will gradually replace the mechanical lock lock industry's new drama.

Do not use alcohol, gasoline, diluent or other inflammable substances to clean or maintain this lock. Waterproof protection. Although this lock is waterproofed, avoid contact with water or other liquids or immerse it in water or other liquids. If the shell comes into contact with liquid or salt spray, wipe it dry with a soft, absorbent cloth.


Intelligent lock manufacturers recommend the use of high-quality 5# alkaline battery, once found that the battery is insufficient, please timely replace the battery, to avoid the use of external battery to unlock the trouble. In a word, fingerprint password lock must pay attention to every detail in the process of use as mentioned above, only in this way can ensure the anti-theft performance of the lock is durable, and can be used normally.

Human beings began to have the idea of "lock", which can be traced back to the primitive society, mainly reflected in people's use of heavy stones to press things, as well as rope and knot. It was not until the spring and autumn period that latches and casting technology appeared. After casting technology, with the development of hardware and casting industry, locks of various materials and shapes appeared, the representative of which should be the reed locks that we often see in movies and TV series.

Until modern times, the mechanical lock gradually into the lives of the people, the structure of the more single pin lock, toward the direction, multi-face, multi-row development. However, the disadvantages of mechanical locks are still obvious. They are easy to be destroyed by violence, keys are lost, duplicates and other conditions, which always make people nervous when using them.


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