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The future of intelligent lock industry

The future of intelligent lock industry

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Smart lock industry play a price war, about to shuffle?

Should have, fingerprint lock agent should always guarantee enough profit space to operate, in order to support the continued development and growth of the business costs, but as a result of the c-terminal market continues to slow development, and constantly with all types of enterprises and capital into the field to grab market share, leading to the industry as a whole ecosystem in nearly two years gradually deteriorating situation, intelligent lock agent from dealers can't see the hope, will naturally start considering other ways, this method is to carry on the channel flat or a different approach to get through pathways.


In such a process, the fingerprint lock agent is faced with an extremely embarrassing situation, because it is unable to achieve the performance target of the intelligent lock agent, it can only passively accept the situation that the area is divided, preferential policies are weakened or even the agency is cancelled, no matter what the situation is only looking at years of efforts into nothing.

Also, fingerprint lock agent have to accept a intelligent lock agent of the New Deal, from the previous main in the high-end products to advocate low price products to get more sales, this kind of low price product gross margin space has also been greatly compressed, in this case, the fingerprint lock agent is also a fundamental shift has taken place, the properties of transition from fingerprint lock agent for service providers, therefore, can be clear that under the price of 999 yuan, fingerprint lock agent cannot exist, only service, because its gross profit space.

The agent of fingerprint lock is responsible for the development, maintenance, management, service, promotion and other functions of the regional market, while the service provider is only responsible for the service functions. The difference between the two is obvious.

The word shuffle is mentioned here. Let's take a look at what shuffle is.

Shuffling can be roughly divided into the following situations:

1. The sales ranking of the top several brands in the industry has changed dramatically. Some of them have risen sharply and some have fallen sharply.

2, a large number of industry expansion, a large number of new troops into the original competition pattern fierce, especially when there is a dark horse;

3. Batch fingerprint lock agent is eliminated.

In fact, these are only superficial phenomena. On a deeper level, no matter what kind of reshuffle is accompanied by the change of technological development and innovation, new policies and regulations, new market environment and ecology, and the cooperation mode between upstream and downstream enterprises and businesses, the original internal order within the industry was disrupted and various new possibilities were generated.

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