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Encounter abnormal open and external violence damage, or the door lock slightly deviated from the door, immediately issued a strong alarm, attracting attention, like a car alarm.

Strong alarm sound, can attract the attention of people around, effectively prevent thieves from illegal ACTS. This is useful for users with more complex intermediate environments.

Function of smart lock - virtual password

The fingerprint lock can be opened as long as there is a consecutive correct password in the set of data.

Function of smart lock - remote key unlocks

The door lock can be opened by remote control button within a certain distance. It is consistent with auto unlock function.

The reason is that intelligence is higher and better able to meet the needs of different groups of people.

For example, in the company, the company boss can lock the door of the office, when subordinates knock on the door, do not have to go to the door to open the door, directly press the door button can open the door, but also can prevent the unexpected visitors. If it's a mechanical lock, the boss doesn't lock the door for employees to get in, making it easier for intruders. If the door is locked, the boss will often get up and open the door when the employee wants to report to work, which is very inconvenient. Intelligent lock manufacturer rolls out this function just can solve these vexed problem.

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