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The function and advantage of intelligent lock manufacturer are introduced

The concept of intelligent household put forward already had more than 10 years, became the hotspot that economy grows more nowadays, be chased after by the person. After adding fingerprint unlocking function to mobile phones and door locks, the security performance has indeed improved more than one level. Let's take a look at the function of smart lock.

Smart lock function - biometrics unlock

Smart lock and mechanical lock is different, can be through fingerprint, password, induction card, mobile phone and other ways to unlock, no longer worry about the key lost, safe and convenient.

Function of intelligent lock - independent information management

Manage all user information, free to add/modify/delete user information.

This feature is useful for people who have a nanny or renter at home. When nannies or tenants move out, their fingerprints can be instantly removed so they can't open the door without access. On the other hand, new nannies and renters can be fingerprinted at any time, allowing them to open doors freely.

In general, the advantage of this feature is that you don't have to worry about the nanny or the tenant duplicating the key, which reduces the risk of insecurity in your home.

Intelligent lock function - voice operation tips

In the process of use, the voice function is activated to guide the user to open the door in the whole process, let the user know whether the operation of each step is correct, and prompt the user for the next operation.

This function is very practical for the elderly or children, so that they can be handy in the operation process, reduce their psychological rejection of high-tech products because they do not know how to operate.

Function of intelligent lock -- anti-pry alarm function

Encounter abnormal open and external violence damage, or the door lock slightly deviated from the door, immediately issued a strong alarm, attracting attention, like a car alarm.

Strong alarm sound, can attract the attention of people around, effectively prevent thieves from illegal ACTS. This is useful for users with more complex intermediate environments.

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