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Throughout the development of China's smart lock industry, it is not difficult to remind people of the development of mobile phones in China. Because China's smart lock industry is following in the footsteps of mobile phones.

Looking at the current price of the whole mobile phone industry, most high-end mobile phones are more than 3,000 yuan, medium and low-end mobile phones are more than 1,000 yuan; Even the most cost-effective millet, the cheapest red rice 6A price is 600 yuan. This shows that with the improvement of living standards, people's consumption concept has changed from price factor to value factor, and people pay more and more attention to the value of products.

Take a look back at the smart lock industry. At present, China's smart lock industry has gone through a mobile phone and two stages. In the early 1990s, China's smart lock industry just started. At that time, most high-end hotels were monopolized by foreign smart lock agents. Unfortunately, most of the smart lock enterprises started in the early 1990s have become pioneers, but they have laid the foundation of China's smart lock.

After 2010, China's smart lock industry began to develop rapidly, and more and more enterprises entered. At the same time, smart home locks began to rise, especially in some high-end residential areas, smart locks gradually became the standard. By 2015, the market demand for smart locks in China exceeded 2 million sets.

Now, the smart lock industry has entered the third stage of mobile phone development, that is, into the imitation of each other, copy the copycat era, and low price competition has become the copycat smart lock manufacturers brand competitive edge. At present, the smart lock industry has ready-made solutions, fingerprint module, circuit board, lock body, lock core, master control chip and other related accessories, shanzhai enterprises only need to assemble different parts to produce smart locks.

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