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Smart lock manufacturers suggest that we should consider the following four aspects:

1, the necessary

First consider whether it is necessary. Security is the demand of people to buy locks. Traditional mechanical locks need to carry keys at any time, and often forget to take the key, the key is lost, the use of intelligent locks is a better choice. However, the habit of using traditional mechanical lock friends, whether to buy the use of intelligent lock remains to be seen.

2, requirements,

Many intelligent locks on the traditional lock for a comprehensive upgrade, the lock core for the high C class, 304 stainless steel anti-theft lock body, one of the precision casting multi-point lock tongue, semiconductor intelligent lock head against imitation fingerprint, and a variety of anti-open, anti-pry, anti-cracking self-alarm system, security performance is greatly improved.

The convenience of intelligent lock need not say much here everybody also can imagine, the trouble that produces by key can avoid on intelligent lock body. And the smart lock as a face project is also very easy to understand, compared with traditional locks, smart lock style more fashionable atmosphere, with the science and technology attributes show the taste of users.

3, performance,

The stability of product hardware and function is always a problem. With a certain market precipitation of the intelligent lock brand, the basic can be assured to buy.

4, price

Most of the intelligent lock manufacturers r & d production of an intelligent lock needs to start the mold design, integration of fingerprint identification, electronic password and other complex technology, the process after a long time of debugging and testing, the cost is also dozens of times more than the mechanical lock. At the same time, the intelligent phase lock has to bear a huge after-sales cost, so the price of natural disparity. And the price of current intelligent lock product breaks through bottom line ceaselessly, the low price product that the market is shoddy produces impact to the price of intelligent lock, intelligent lock price already tended cost price.

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