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1. When installing the lock, don't use paper or adhesive tape on the handle and the panel. Don't install the door when the paint is not dry, or it will cause surface damage and fade over a long time.

2. Some zinc alloy and copper lock, installed on the door for a long time will have "spots", this is not rust, but oxidation, as long as the lock oil wipe can remove "spots".

3. Keep the lock head clean to prevent foreign matter from entering into the slot of the lock core, which cannot be opened. When the lock of intelligent lock manufacturer is difficult to open, do not lubricate with edible oil, so as not to clog for a long time.

Although this industry is slower to enter our Chinese market than foreign ones, it does not affect people's enthusiasm for smart home. Especially in the current intelligent society, such as intelligent intelligent lock is also deeply loved by the public.

Perhaps, some friends had thought to buy intelligent lock, but after understanding the price of common door lock and intelligent lock, begin to shrink from. Is a fingerprint lock so expensive worth buying?

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