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The appearance of every thing is bound to be accompanied by the disappearance of the old thing. Just like smart phones, kill the feature phones and PHS, destroy the place of the landline; Even the remote controls and switches of old appliances have been integrated into tiny mobile phones.

Believe it or not, this is the future and the present.

The appearance of intelligent lock is reasonable

Today, when you think keys are troublesome or mechanical locks are not secure enough; When you're away on business, worrying about whether your kids are coming home on time; When you can not often go home to visit your parents, and do not trust them; When you're not home and worried about being robbed... Intelligent lock appeared, walk into thousands of households gradually, more and more get the affection of broad user.

First, the safety of our home life, to bring us more convenient intelligent life;

Secondly, those who are dedicated to the production and research and development of intelligent lock manufacturers and related upstream and downstream enterprises, agents. So, whether you accept the smart lock or not, it's out there, and one day you're bound to leave it.

Smart lock benefits small disk point

Reason 1: the era of the old people's intelligent lock completely replaces the traditional lock, so many benefits, do you know?

1, the elderly memory loss often forget to take the key, fingerprint lock finger, password to open the door convenient and fast.

2, went to the supermarket to buy food, carry-on bags. It is very inconvenient to touch the key again. Just open the door with your hand. It is so simple. Why not change the fingerprint lock?

Reason two: the husband intelligent lock comprehensively replaces the traditional lock time, so many benefits, you know?

1, out party drunk home, the key to open the door is very inconvenient, fingerprint, password, magnetic card any way to easily open the door.

2. When guests or friends come to the house, they cannot go home in time due to traffic jam or other social activities, so that the guests can use the password to enter the house, which shows that the host is kind and generous. The password will be changed and deleted after the guest leaves.

3. The lock core adopted by fingerprint lock has a high security coefficient of civilian products certified by the ministry of public security. Being a man is supposed to provide more comprehensive security protection for the home. Why not change the fingerprint lock?

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