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1. When the door is closed, the system will lock automatically. Enable its unique voice prompt function, so that the user easier to operate.

The intelligent lock is not only suitable for people's taste from the appearance design, but also creates the intelligent lock with the same intelligent feeling as apple. Smart locks are already quietly on the market.

3. Security is more secure than fingerprint lock, which can effectively prevent the disclosure of registration password and unlock the door lock.

4. No need to press the finger in the scanning place. The scanning method can reduce the residual fingerprint and greatly reduce the possibility of the fingerprint being copied.

As we all know, in the age of mechanical locks, no one can live without a key. Many of us may still remember hanging our keys around our necks as children, waiting outside for our parents to open the door if we lost them or forgot them.

Perhaps many people have such experience: mechanical lock with a long time or a long time not used rusted, the key is easy to break in the keyhole, and in this case, except to find a locksmith repair or change the lock, there is no other shortcut.

Although the money that changes lock and repair lock does not have how many, but what waste is precious time and energy, to busy modern, waste time is the big loss of life.

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