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In today's society, people's living standards are gradually improving, science and technology is also in continuous development, in the home security, more attention has been paid. Day billion invented fingerprint lock, smart home continuously emerged. Intelligent lock serves as a line of defense of the home to need to take seriously more, must buy the ability that quality has safeguard to go.

Point 1: "you gave me what I didn't want."

Many fingerprint smart lock agent brands are only designed for young people, ignoring the old and young in the family. Fingerprints, irises, facebook, passwords and unlocked smartphones are good choices for most young people, but not necessarily for some older children. Sometimes less convenient than a key, such intelligence has become a burden for some, since not all users like it, and these high-tech features don't open doors as quickly as fingerprint recognition. Intelligent lock agent design "perfect combination of machinery and intelligence", "smart phone + mechanical key + smart key chain + fingerprint identification + password button" unlock way, from now on is very good practice. Old people and children each member has their own favorite way to open the lock, and safe and convenient.

Opinion 2: "you can't give me what I want."

Users of fingerprint smart lock requirements in addition to security or security. The current fingerprint smart lock does not do enough in these two aspects. The ability of anti-destructive opening and anti-technical opening is lower, and the encryption of electronic information is worse, which is worrying in today's highly intelligent development. Tianyi fingerprint intelligent lock "high mechanical security + high intelligent security", intelligent lock agent intelligent security in this respect is a good demonstration. After all, thieves are not information technology high intelligence crime, is generally the use of violence to pick the lock or tool technology unlock. If you can use high-tech information to decrypt fingerprint smart lock, there is such a strong similar hacker technology, there is no need to be afraid to do a thief. So close to the user's practical needs of life is what the user wants.

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