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The modern intelligence requirement of intelligent lock industry can say that is day by day, so before the situation that asks in this competition now, how should locate the development direction of this intelligent lock ability to achieve advance with The Times?

The development of modern intelligence lock is very fast, no matter be in the innovation of product technology respect of whole intelligence lock, still be in the rise of the grade respect of whole product, these are to have apparent promotion, the fact also proved to the consumer of intelligence lock higher and higher requirement. In today's market, intelligent lock products is also very much, say some IC card electronic door lock, electronic guard against theft safety locks, electronic password and spherical door lock, plastic door also began to appear some simple electronic door locks, there are still some professional company is required by the emergency channel smart locks, intelligent lock merchants intercom intelligent lock anti-theft system, the electronic locks the emergence of different products, has been proved that the intelligent lock market has been a great change, lock industry has begun to high-end market, so will be very high to the requirement of the whole lock, It is the technical lock and lock safety performance, these respects need to have very big change.

Because of the continuous development of the whole lock industry, a lot of small lock enterprises in the past have been facing bankruptcy, or have gone bankrupt, so large lock enterprises are emerging, promoting the continuous development of the whole lock industry. The competition of lock tool industry also began to strengthen ceaselessly, whole enterprise began to get rid of the competition of excessive price and low price, began to move toward a more reasonable competition condition.

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