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Smart lock is just like the fierce competition in smart phone industry, with various market segments. Who can do the domestic national brand in smart lock industry? Or do regional dumping sales occupy the market? No matter China or the world's smart lock market, smart lock market share is high.

Intelligent home appliance is the home appliance product formed after the introduction of microprocessor and computer technology into home appliance equipment. The intelligent lock agent has the home appliance equipment with the functions of automatic monitoring of its own obstacles, automatic measurement, automatic control, automatic adjustment and communication with the remote control center.

The post-80s group has become the mainstream consumer group of smart home appliances. When it comes to smart homes, we hear consumers talking about their homes becoming more high-tech than ever before. Intelligent lock agent products bring not only excellent experience, but also the convenience of life. If we get used to this kind of convenience, smart home will become a necessity of life in the future. Like cell phones, we don't want to leave for a moment.

Now most families have used WiFi for wireless networking, which makes the connection of smart home products more convenient, because of the existence of such infrastructure, also laid the foundation for the development of smart home. If consumers think there is a suitable place in their home and they can afford to buy a certain product, they will buy according to their own needs. To make their daily lives as intelligent as possible, consumers will look for any convenient technology-centric solution. The innovation of smart home is just like science fiction, which has become a necessity of life. People will try their best to ensure that everything can be finished in the home with high efficiency.

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