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In the intelligent lock brand concentration is not high at present, the choice of a good brand intelligent lock agent manufacturers themselves more important. Buying lock is not one-time behavior, involving installation and after-sales, understand the characteristics of different sales channels, advantages and possible problems, to prepare to join the smart lock friends too important!

With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic products are developing towards the direction of change, lock is no exception, the smart lock is widely used in the market at present. Intelligent locking can ensure safety, portability, convenience, speed and accuracy. However what go up in the market now lets consumer dazzling however, do not know intelligent lock which brand is good? Actually, when consumer is choosing intelligent lock, want to know its kind above all, what characteristic does respective have to wait a moment, so below will introduce the classification of intelligent lock for everybody:

From product type cent: fingerprint + password, fingerprint + magnetic card, fingerprint + password + card many oneness, pure fingerprint, even have control (these locks have key function, this is the country stipulates necessary have, this key function also divides true false, namely true insert core, false insert core). Fingerprints must be better than the password from the safety and convenience, the function such as magnetic card, but why need these more than one product, can only say that in some parts of the intelligent lock factory is still on the fingerprint identification, the stability cannot support most of the people, so you need to swipe CARDS as a supplement, such as convenient, of course, also can be thought of as friends into the home take something what. But one way to think about it, it's not all in one lock, it's all about providing more convenience, but it's probably based on your low security. So please think carefully when buying smart locks.

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