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With the rapid development of The Times, intelligentization and convenience have become the lifestyle advocated by more and more people. Tianyi jinzhidun intelligent lock initiative intelligent lock has gradually entered the public's vision, but consumers know little about this intelligent lock.

Why would it cost so much if you used a fingerprint to unlock it?

Day billion intelligent lock and ordinary door lock, poor can not only open the lock different so simple.

Ordinary mechanical locks, the life of the lock core lock body with the change of the environment, the more times the use, the higher the loss, the safety performance began to gradually decline. The tianyi intelligent lock manufacturer conducted the test in the extreme environment from minus 25 ° c to 50 ° c, and the service life of the lock core and body exceeded 100,000 times, all of which were in stable operation.

Equipped with a new generation of artificial intelligence chip, with self-learning function, intelligent analysis of user's use data and habits, high identification, fast unlock, active identification of abnormal fingerprints, active alarm for recording, more and more secure intelligent lock.

Not only is the intelligent lock, but also the bodyguard in the home

Ordinary door lock close the door can not grasp the situation outside the door, when you find there is a problem, the thief has patronized your home, too late to regret! Tianyi smart door lock is now in the nationwide cooperation with smart locks. It adopts an intelligent active defense system. In case of any abnormality, it will automatically lock into the defense state and connect with the smart APP for real-time alarm and notification to realize the protection before opening the door.

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